Diabetis photo from Optique, opticians in Battersea, LondonEye problems are one of the most significant complications of diabetes – in fact eye problems as a result of diabetes are the most common cause of blindness in people of working age.

Diabetes affects the eyes in a number of ways. The most damaging condition occurs when the fine network of blood vessels in the retina leak fluid. This is known as diabetic retinopathy. If you are diabetic, it is very important that you have regular screening for retinopathy.

Patients with diabetes also develop cataracts earlier and these progresses more rapidly in people with diabetes than in other people. Untreated diabetes may also cause frequent or noticeable changes to your eyesight. If you notice any problems with your eyesight please do make an appointment to see our optometrist for advice.

Serious eye problems are less likely if the diabetes is well controlled or in its early stages. If problems are detected and treated early, most sight loss from diabetic eye disease can be prevented.

It is important to realise that retinopathy screening will not detect signs of other eye disease such as glaucoma, so it is also important to have a regular eye examinations with our optometrist.

If the optometrist suspects you may have diabetes, they will refer you to a doctor for medical advice.

Most sight-threatening diabetic problems can be prevented by laser treatment if it is carried out early enough. The laser, a beam of high intensity light, can be focused with extreme precision to seal the blood vessels that are leaking fluid into the retina. If new blood vessels grow, more extensive laser treatment may be needed.

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