Myopia - Short Sighteness

Short Sightednes - Myopia diagram from Optique, opticians in Battersea, LondonThe light coming into the eye needs to be focused on the back of the eye (the retina) for you to see clearly. Some people have eyes that are too long, so the light focuses in front of the retina. This means that they cannot see things clearly if they are far away from them (such as the TV or blackboard at school) whilst their near vision is usually clear. This is called short sightedness or Myopia

Short sight - Myopia, normally develops in childhood or adolescence and is often first noticed at school. You may need to wear glasses all the time, or just for driving, watching TV, sports or at school.

If you are short sighted - Myopia i.e. have a problem seeing things at a distance, visit us at Optique, opticians in Battersea in London for an eye-test.

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