Maintaining Good Eyesight

Maintaining Good Eyesight information from Optique, opticians in Battersea, LondonOptique, opticians in Battersea in London believe there are things that you can do to try to maintain good eyesight. Following these general guidelines will help you to main good eyesight.

  • Have regular eye examinations. This will allow your optometrist to spot early signs of eye disease, when it is easier to treat. Most people should have an eye examination at least every two years.
  • Wear the right lenses
  • An eye test will establish whether you need a different prescription for your glasses or contact lenses.
  • It’s important to wear the correct prescription lenses. This will improve your quality of life and reduce the risk of accidents such as falls.
  • Stop smoking: Smoking has been linked to AMD, which is the leading cause of blindness in the UK. NHS services are available to help you quit.

Maintaining Good Eyesight information from Optique, opticians in Battersea, London. Eat well

At Optique, opticians in Battersea, London, we believe eating well is a very important aspect of maintaining good eyesight. A healthy diet that is rich in oily fish and coloured fruit and vegetables and maintaining a healthy weight is very important. This may reduce your risk of developing AMD.
( Age related macular degeneration).

Other important aspects of maintaining good eyesight include:

  • Use good lighting. To see well, your eyes need three times as much light when you're 60 as they did when you were 20.
  • Make sure the house lights are bright and you are able to see the stairs clearly.
  • For reading or close work, use a direct light from a flexible table lamp, positioned so the light is not reflected by the page and cause glare. 

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