Nikon Lenses from Optique, opticians in BatterseaOptique's range of lenses

At Optique, opticians in Battersea, London, we think right lenses are crucial to good vision and comfortable spectacle wearing. Lenses differ in so many ways from Single vision to Varifocal, Photchromic – Transitions to Polaroid, Standard to Ultra-thin .

At Optque, we give you comprehensive advice on choosing the best lenses for you.

As Optique is an independent optician, we work with many lenses suppliers, such as Zeiss, Nikon, Essilor and Rodenstock.

Our prices are competitive and we will prescribe you the best lens option for your prescription, regardless of price. We will recommend an optically aesthetic lens to suit your needs and budget.

Single Vision

Single vision lenses have the same focal power throughout the entire lens and can be used to correct myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Opique's branded lens supplier, Nikon provides a wide range of single vision lenses that will not only meet your needs but offer you the utmost in cosmetic appeal. Optique will recommend the best lens to suit your prescription needs.

Bifocal Lenses

Bifocal lenses have two distinct powers which are separated by a visible segment at the bottom of the lens. The top part of the lens is for correcting your distant prescription and the segment at the bottom is for correcting your near vision prescription.

Bifocals are generally not useful if you need mid-distance vision i.e. computer work and some people find that the visible segment is not very cosmetically attractive.

Duo Lenses

There has been a new addition to the ‘bifocal lens’ which is aesthetically more appealing, improving the way it looks and how you see. In the Duo lens, it is a blended bifocal without the ugly line showing.  The lens offers more continuity eliminating the image jump and loss of image. This enables the lens to maintain a natural, distortion free visual path as the eye moves from one vision zone to another. It is available in variety of materials, suitable for sunglasses, tinted, photochromic and polarized.

Varifocal Lenses

Varifocal lenses are the ultimate solution for all round lens wear. Correcting Near, Intermediate and Far vision in one lens, without a line. But not all Varifocal lenses are alike and can deviate massively in quality and performance. Optique work with the best lenses suppliers, such as Nikon and Essilor who are world leaders in lens technology, to supply a lens which will suit your everyday life style.

With today’s increasing time spent indoors, we are required to see near to room distance more often. Extended focus lenses are designed to meet these needs by offering smooth and effortless indoor vision.

After your consultation with the Optique Optometrist, the best lens will be recommended to suit your individual needs.

Transitions lenses - Photochromic Lenses

When Trasnisiton lenses are exposed to UV Light, the lens begins to change colour causing the lens to darken. The windscreen of the car block  99% of UV light . Hence the lenses do not darken as much. Therefore XTRAActive lenses are available that respond to UV light inside the car. These are Drivewear lenses.

Drivewear Lenses

Daytime light and weather conditions constantly change while driving and so do Transitions Drivewear sun lenses. Their NuPolar® polarization removes glare off the road and car hood. Transitions® photochromic technology adjusts the colour and tint of the lenses as light conditions change, providing ideal colour and clarity for driving:

  • In low light or overcast conditions, the lenses are a green/yellow colour that provide high contrast and minimize glare
  • Behind the windshield, the lenses activate to a copper colour enhancing colour recognition and depth perception
  • In bright outdoor light, the lenses activate to a dark red-brown filtering excess light to provide maximum comfort
  • Lenses that work with most prescriptions and frames

 We are able to prescribe any of the lenses mentioned to suit your lifestyle and requirement.
Specialist Occupational lenses
Blue Control Lenses

Blue control lenses have been developed specifically to block the harmful ‘blue-light’ rays that emanate from many frequently used electrical devices (such as LCD televisions, smart phones, tablets, GPS screens, pc monitors etc.) causing eye-fatigue and, in extreme cases, sleeplessness

BLUE SHIELD affords the wearer instantly improved comfort with greater perception of depth and contrast. The treatment of coating is available on many lens type from standard plastic to Transition across all Thin and light lenses. Optique will advise you the on availability of the Blue shield coating on your lens choice.

Vista Mesh Lenses from Optique, optician in Battersea in LondonVista Mesh Lenses
These lenses have been designed to align scattered reflections, dampen flicker and block electromagnetic radiation.
Who will benefit and where?

  • Office environments where fluorescent lighting is used.
  • Where continuous use of computer screens causes eye stress and/or headaches.
  • For those who suffer from visual blindness caused by the glare from oncoming vehicles at night.
  • Been shown to improve reading ability of children and those with special needs.
  • Those who suffer from PSE (Photosensitive Epilepsy) or Dyslexia.
  • Helps migraine sufferers by reducing visual stress.
  • Stroke victims who are left with 'patchy' vision by providing a more complete visual experience.
  • Keratoconus patients who wear an over refraction find that they obtain sharper vision when using Vista-Mesh.
  • Post Cataract patients who are unable to tolerate PC screens or with a history of headaches and clinical visual problems find it much more comfortable wearing Vista Mesh Rx.

Vista Mesh Lenses are available in your prescription in the following lens designs:

  • Single vision
  • Bifocal
  • Degressive
  • Progressive

Vista Mesh Lenses Features:

  • 80% light transmission brown contrast filter
  • Reflection free anti-reflective coating
  • Super Easyclean top coat
  • UV385 cut-off
  • Unique V-M optical mesh filter
  • Mid index 1.56 material

Vista Mesh Lense Benefits include:

  • Aligns scattered light reflections
  • Dampens flicker
  • Sharpens contrast
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Deflects EMI radiations

Honeycomb Lenses from Optique, opticians in BatterseaHoneycomb Lenses

HONEYCOMB MESH has been created to reduce exposure to EMI radiation, combat diffused reflections and further reduce chromatic aberration.  In layman’s terms, it effectively creates a pin-hole effect that channels (and purifies) the signal reaching the retina. Patients opting for our HONEYCOMB MESH treatment will notice sharper, clearer vision without eye-strain.

Ideal Applications:

Reading and writing
Computer use
Night Driving
Exposure to excessive lighting

Polarized Lenses from Optique, opticians in BatterseaPolorized Lenses
 All sunglasses are designed to filter all light either horizontally or vertically.  Glare from the sun can still cause eye strain, squinting or even temporary blindness - which can be hazardous whilst driving. Polarized lenses eliminate all glares in both vertical and horizontal direction, resulting in clear vision, by eliminating scattered light. To avoid this, polarized lenses provide 100% protection from glare and block 100% of UV rays.

Polarised Lenses are ideal for:

  • Fishing - anglers will be able to see 'through' the water.
  • Skiing or snowboarding - skiers will begin to see 'hidden' bumps in the snow.
  • Driving - drivers will no longer be affected by sudden glare or low winter sun.

What are the advantages of polarized lenses?

A polarized lens offers the following advantages over non-polarized lenses: 

  • Improves visual comfort
  • Improves contrast and visual clarity
  • Reduces eyestrain
  • Allows for true perception of colours
  • Reduces reflections and eliminates glare

Polarizing lenses are available to prescription, in different lenses material , single vision, bifocal or varifocal.

Specialist lenses treatments

Hi Index Lenses from Optique, opticians in BatterseaThin & Light Lenses

Depending on your prescription, we can recommend  Thin & Light lenses to give you the best looking and most comfortable glasses possible. The lens thickness will be reduced, with lighter weight, with an antireflection coating for a clearer vision. We will advice you of the best frame shape and size, so that your complete spectacles will make you look fabulous. Lenses can be made of various materials of varying weight and thickness – the overall result depends on the density of the lens material as well as your personal prescription

Scratch Resistance Coating Lenses from Optique, opticians in Battersea

Anti-reflective coating
This premium coating improves your vision , it also reduces light reflected off the lenses.  It allows more light to pass through the lens also increases contrast and therefore increases visual acuity. Another benefit of anti-reflective coating is that wearers often find their eyes are less tired, particularly at the end of the day. Your glasses' appearance is also improved, as others can see your eyes rather than reflections of light. See the difference with our anti-reflection demonstration.

[APSID anti-reflection lenses offer optimal transparency - Apsid Vision]

Scratch resistance coating from Optique, opticians in Battersea

Scratch resistant coating

Scratch resistant lenses provide protection from everyday accidental damage. The hard coating prolongs the life of the lens, whilst simultaneously providing clearer vision.

For help and advice on lenses to suit your needs, visit Optique, opticians in Battersea, London at 276 Battersea Park Road, Battersea, London, SW11 3BS. Tel: 020 72282754

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