Cataract photo from Optique, opticians in Battersea, LondonThe natural lens within the eyes is normally clear. A cataract is when the lens starts to become cloudy. The progressing cataract causes blurred vision, scattering of light, double vision and changes in colour vision. Cataracts are common in the elderly but can also occur in midlife so it is recommended to have regular eye examinations every two years or sooner if recommended. Cataracts can affect each eye differently and if left untreated can cause virtual blindness.

Cataract photo from Optique, opticians in Battersea, LondonCataracts can be detected very easily and we then advice you on the next step necessary to have treatment for them. Whilst the treatment involves an operation, the techniques are so advanced that the operation can be done within 30 minutes and in most cases you only need to be in hospital for 3 to 4 hours. After your follow up at the hospital we normally advise you to have an eye examination 6 weeks after the operation.

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